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About the Prospects Board Team - Our Mission

Prospects Board is a service provided by Siddiqui Education. With over 15 years experience working with schools, colleges and businesses, Siddiqui Education’s mission has been to motivate, inspire and support young people at every stage of their educational journey. As the business has evolved, particularly in the space of supporting social mobility, it became clear that there is a need to support students of ALL ages to find their future. Prospects Board aims to enlighten and inform children, teenagers and adults of all ages about the support and opportunities to develop skills, qualifications and career prospects. As a team, we continue to build relationships with education providers, businesses and schools. If you would like to be a part of the Prospects Board community, please subscribe to our newsletter or email us

Meet the Team

Melissa – Chief Operating Officer

Melissa brings her years of experience in hospitality, management and marketing to the forefront of Prospects Board. Having mentored countless staff progress both professionally and academically, Melissa is aware of the challenges facing all learners in finding the educational path best suited for them. As well as this, Melissa is able to provide technical and marketing support to Prospect Board which allows the core purpose, heart and soul of the mission to shine through online.

“As a parent, trainer and advocate for life long learning, I am proud to provide a vital link between learners of all ages and education providers which can lead to life changing opportunities”


Baasit – Chief Technical Officer

Baasit has over fifteen years working in education. In the last five years, Baasit has liaised with a variety of educational institutions which support the career progression of children, young adults and life long learners. Baasit delivers workshops and training sessions with the aim to support social mobility. Combining his connections and technical experiences, Baasit is able to support the growth of Prospect Boards clients and consumers in the most beneficial way possible. 

To be a part of Prospects Board, means I am able to further the mission of Siddiqui Education, by providing advice and support for learners at every stage of their professional journey, develop their skill set and find their true vocation”.